Rocket - Caught In Steel LP 1985
Label: 10 Records / Virgin Scandinavia #: 206 880 Country: Sweden
Info: Produced/presented by the Swedish pop & rock magazine Rocket, published between the years 1984-1986. Most issues had a fair amount of Hard & Heavy content, though mostly of the mainstream variety.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. GILLAN - Your Mother Was Right
  One of his more funny/proggy moments, taken from the "For Gillan Fans Only" bonus-LP featured in some editions of the "Glory Road" album.
2. WARRIOR - Fighting For The Earth
  A great, classic fistpounder proving 'Mainstream Metal' isn't necessarily a derogatory term. Or wasn't in 1985 anyway..
3. 220 VOLT - Firefall (Specialmix)
  Type-A Swedish Metal, i.e. good vocal melodies over solid, crunchy riffing,
4. Gary Moore - Murder In The Skies
  One of the better tunes from his most Metal period is great, catchy 'NWOBHM' all the way.
5. GILLAN - On The Rocks
  Classic Gillan from the classic "Glory Road" album.
6. MANOWAR - Guyana (Cult Of The Damned)
  Perhaps the greatest Heavy Metal tune of 1984.

Side B:
1. BEDLAM - Take It To The Top
  Dull boogie-Metal.
2. Gary Moore - End Of The World
  It's hard to imagine how GM was once this great at making almost perfect Heavy Metal.
  This unreleased cut from the "Stronger Than Evil"-session should make the whole album a must-buy for serious HL fans & collectors, as it serves as one of the finest and most catchy tunes from this session. Later features on a bonus CD included in the No Remorse 2018 STE album reissue.
4. GILLAN - Might As Well Go Home (Mystic)
  Another solid Gillan-rocker, taken from the B-side of the "No Easy Way" single.
5. MANOWAR - The Oath
  Damn near ubeatable.
6. ZERO NINE - Never Stop Running
  The kind of basic mainstream HR/HM that feels both catchy and forgettable at the same time.
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