Rock Climbers: Hottest Of Hollywood DLP 1990
Label: Sting Ray's Records #: SR-21 Country: USA
Info: Compilation of Southern California bands.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
  Silly spoken intro.
2. KILGORE - Cops And Robbers
  Commercial hard rock with rough vocals like SLAVE RAIDER with maybe a bit of AEROSMITH.
3. A LA CARTE - Leave The Back Door Open
  LED ZEPPELIN-ish blues based hard rock.
4. R.A.G.S - Listen
  Hard rock that sounds a lot like BULLET BOYS, but better without Marq Torien's irritating vocals.

Side B:
1. CHAMBERS - War Games
  The music is like one of OZZY OSBOURNE's better songs and the vocals are somewhere between Ann Bolyn and Leather Leone.
2. WARBRIDE - I Follow Your Star
  WARLOCK style power ballad. Great vocals, I just wish they had picked a heavier song.
3. COLD FIRE - Of The Flesh
  Of all the bands that would emulate BLACK SABBATH, this may be the only one to use the Gillan era for their source material. Features ex-WARRIOR members.
4. SANCTUM - To The End
  Great thrash metal song that takes the early METAL CHURCH sound and brings it into the 90s. I can't imagine a singer sounding any more like David Wayne.

Side C:
1. STIKKITTY - Life Lines
  Terrible alternative hard rock with a funk influence.
2. E-TICKET - Passion Flower
  Mellow glam/grunge hybrid.
3. HAUNTED GARAGE - Dead And Gone
  Hard rock/metal with gothic overtones, like DANZIG with sleazier vocals. Different to LP version.

Side D:
1. PIGMY LOVE CIRCUS - Highway Man
  Like WHITE ZOMBIE with a dose of thrash. Studio version.
2. WITCH - 1:45
  Posthumous release which shows that they mostly stuck to their roots, playing great L.A. metal until the end.
3. THE BULLIES - Finger Of Doom
  Decent MOTORHEAD metal with a touch of sleaze.
4. BUST'ER CHOPS - Break'n Some Hearts
  Bluesy hard rock.
5. MANDY LION - Conclusion
  Pointless outro.

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