Rockbox 1989 LP
Label: Sonet Grammofon AB #: RBLP-1 Country: Sweden
Info: "Rockbox" was a weekly Hard Rock/Heavy Metal radio show broadcasted on Swedish national radio between 1984-1989. Its influence on Swedish metalheads of the time cannot be overrated and is cause of much nostaliga from this reviewer's generation :)
This is a compilation of various demos sent to the show during its last year of existance. It featured a printed innersleave w/ band info and pics. Also available on CD.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. KEEN HUE - Fly Away Honey
  Super-cliché'd, ultra-commercial pop-hr vomit. The glory of their old 7" long lost.
2. GLAM SLAM - My Heart Bleeds For You
  Swedish LA Metal/HR. Not as funny as it sounds and even by these standards it's a boring song.
3. PAGAN - Anyway But Backwards
  Fast, catchy Metal like J Priest at their most Power Metallic. One of the band's heaviest songs.
4. MORTALITY - Eternal Curse
  Metallica-PowerThrash much in the same style as fellow countrymen Mezzrow, but slightly better.
  Rough, sweaty Hard Rock like a mix of Rose Tattoo and Zodiac Mindwarp.

Side B:
1. LANDSLIDE - Walking On The Edge
  Very "Melodic Scandinavian Metal '89", but at least it's not aor. Some great guitar melodies in there.
2. THE BUTTZ - Concrete Boots
  Sounds like a more radio-friendly Hellion, but it might be the Ann Boleyn-like vox playing tricks. Cool track for being somewhat semi-sleazy.
3. HATRED - Tempted By Violence
  One of Sweden's finest Thrash acts ever. Gutripping guitar sound and close to Infernäl Mäjesty-quality riffing.
4. RAMPAGE - Do It
  Hardrockers wanting to party by the sound of it. But not too hard, god forbid!
5. SORCERER - Born With Fear
  Doom with an obvious Candlemass-influence. Pretty good, but the 'talented', wailing hardrock-vocals feels awkwardly out of place.
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