Rock Bilanz '89 DLP 1990
Label: Amiga #: 8 56 474-475 Country: DDR
Info: The last in a series of yearly East German 2-LP pop/rock compilations that started back in 1981, and the one with the most proper Metal content - 1 whole side dedicated to Ze Steel! A great introduction to old DDR Metal. Gatefold sleeve.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. PANKOW - Gib Mir 'n Zeichen
  Classic rock.
2. KARUSSELL - Schattenkreuze
3. PUHDYS - Kleiner Planet
4. Michael Barakowski Und Freunde - Hymne (Coming Home)
5. ENGERLING - Narkose Blues
  Wimpy rock.
6. SILLY - Paradiesvögel

Side B:
2. THE NEXT - Miracle
  Slow pop.
3. JADE - Sky
4. DATZU - Leben Auf Verdacht
5. KEIMZEIT - Kintopp
  Slow pop.
6. DIE ZÖLLNER - Kopfschmerzen
  New wave.
7. NAIV - Sag Mir, Wo Du Stehst

Side C:
1. CHARLIE - Turn Away
  Radio-friendly mainstream HR with fem vox.
2. DOCTOR ROCK - Metal Man
  Good Speed/Power that desperately needs to fire their boring ass vocalist and dull robot drummer.
3. MERLIN - Der Zauberer
  Excellent Helloween-style Power Metal. Later appeared w/ an additional 2 songs on the Speed Up - Heavy News LP.
4. METALL - Easy Rider
  Really cool Power/Heavy with a neat & in-your-head-sticking chorus. Mehr Metall bitte!
5. ROCHUS - Let's Thrash
  Sounds familiar? Yes, this is the same band and tune that turned up on Roadrunner's "Thrash The Wall" comp the same year. Clichéd yet endearing Thrash-light with a really cool Kraut-Metal chorus.
6. MCB - Rage Out
  Our faves from the Kleeblatt #22 - Hard & Heavy comp return as born-again thrashers. The raw vocals & "Hell Awaits"-like sound works well for them.
7. BIEST - Crash Trash
  FAST ultra-monotonous Speed Thrash Metal from DDR's finest! Taken from their excellent 7" EP with the same name.

Side D:
1. DIE SKEPTIKER - Dada in Berlin
  Sing-a-long punk.
2. DIE ART - Eternal Fall
  The Cure-style pop-goth.
3. SANDOW - Schweigen und Parolen
  New wave.
4. AG GEIGE - Déjá Vu
  New wave.
5. FEELING B - Ohne Bewußtsein
  Slow, noisy post-punk.
6. DEKADANCE - It's Time Goes By
  Waveish rock.

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