Rock-Bilanz 1988 DLP 1988
Label: Amiga #: 8 56 390/391 Country: DDR
Info: After 1985, the 1986 and 1987 editions of this series didn't include anything of relevance, but this one has at least one song of importance. (The following 1989 volume is the most interesting though..)
Gatefold sleeve.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
2. CITY - Wand An Wand
3. DATZU - Wenn Es Wärmer Wird
  Soft electro-pop.
4. ROSALILI - Laß Die Liebe Herein
  Ultra-soft pop.
5. NO 55 - Laß Sie Warten

Side B:
1. AMOR & DIE KIDS - Ich Mache Sowieso Nur Was Ich Will
2. LAMA - Nur Mit Dir
3. M. JONES BAND - Herzschlag
4. ELECTRA - Illusion Der Nacht
5. STERN MEIßEN - Die Welt
  Rock ballad.

Side C:
1. DIE ZÖLLNER - 'N Käfer Auf Dem Blatt
  Piano ballad.
2. Gerhard Gundermann & Band - Halte Durch
  Classic rock.
3. PANKOW - Marilyn
  Rock ballad.
4. DATA - Hör Mal Zu
  80's pop.
5. PUR - Straf Mich Lügen
6. FUFFZIGER - Hello Sunshine
  60's happy pop.

Side D:
1. FEELING B - Artig
  Great, original & fast punk rock.
2. COBRA - Träumer
  Superb, energetic Metal with a Tokyo Blade'y NWOBHM-touch. Previously featured on the Hard & Heavy (Kleeblatt No. 22) LP from earlier the same year.
3. BERLUC - Nach Haus
  The excellent (yeah I know, weird isn't it?) power ballad from their 7" EP from the same year.
4. FEUERSTEIN - Teufelsbraut
  At first they sound like complete Motörhead clones with those vocals and that chorus, but the harmony solos and Power riffing takes them in a more PowerEpic direction. One of the greates Metal anthems of the DDR.
5. PRINZIP - Phönix
  The kind of mellow pop-HR that everybody hates.
6. BAJAZZO - Brass Dance
  Instrumental jazz rock.

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