Rock Beast LP 1982
Label: Pang Records #: PLP 014 Country: Sweden
Info: Read more on the Pang Records compilations and what they were about here.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
2. SECOND HAND - Jag Vill Ha
  Oversimple Hard Rock. Pretty good vocals though.
3. SECOND HAND - Tunga Droppar
  Slightly improved riffage, but vocals aside this is typically 3rd rate.
4. TRANSYLVANIA - Straight Shooter
  Unabashed Iron Maiden-followers that would've been quite interesting had they not come with pitiful, out-of-tune vocals awful even by Pang-comp standards.
5. TRANSYLVANIA - Axman [sic]
  Even the guitars start going out-of-tune here, but you can't really complain about the music. Honest, old twin-lead Metal.
6. OVERKILL - Eternal Void
  Another crappy vocalist but nowhere near as bad as Transylvania's. Good meat&potatoes Metal pending between Saxon and Maiden influencewise.
7. OVERKILL - Lady Of The Night
  More solid NWOHM. Those vocals sort of reminds me of Ola Ohlsson from Gotham City.
8. EASYBEAT - När Jag Var Liten
  Laid back rock.

Side B:
1. THALAMUS - Den Tappre Soldaten
  Jazzy pop/rock. They also had a 7" out w/ a decievingly Metal-looking sleeve, so be warned.
2. THALAMUS - Mean Old Rock'n'Roll
  Not mean old rock'n'roll. Pop.
3. ÖSREGN - Ufo
  Slow, heavy & amateurish Hard Rock. The pronounciation of [youfoh] is pretty funny.
4. ÖSREGN - Framtid
5. EXIT - Låt Mig Gå
  Really weak, bluesy HR with a dumb & wimpy chorus.
6. EXIT - Lost Woman
  A high improvement! NWOHM with good guitarwork, a bit like old Scorpions or MSG.
7. MIDVINTER - Dörrar Stängs
  Uptempo pop/rock.
8. MIDVINTER - Sexsymbol
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