Rock à Rouen LP 1984
Label: Paris Album* #: DKB 3370 Country: France
Info: Local - obviously amateur - bands from the Rouen area, France. Recorded live at the Exo 7 (Rouen, Normandy, France) in February 1984. Produced by Jacques Brély.
* = This is the same label that released the self-titled LP from SEISMES.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. WARRIORS - African Woman
  Reggae, a very repetitive song.
2. ALAN WOODY & CO - Quand La Musique Rocke
  Clichesque classic Rock'n'Roll (I've read Rock FM).
3. MARIENTHAL - Voyage
  Good HM song in the same style of their album, with quite silly lyrics but decent musicianship and a bit of welcome variety within the song.
4. LA LOI DE LA JUNGLE - Célébration
  Post-Punk (they look like THE CURE, etc)
5. JOY & THE STICKERS - Monday

Side B:
1. THE STALKERS - Lonely Tomorrows
  Bluesy Rock'n'Roll.
2. LE CHOIX DES ARMES - What Can I Do?
  Rock with a good female voice.
3. LES FLICS - Irréductible Reste Stoïque
  Punk mixed with New Wave.
4. PERSONA NON GRATA - So Come And Do More
  New Wave
5. BLUE SOUND - Gays
  New Wave.
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