Rockactive 84 LP 1984
Label: VIP Records #: VIP 90584 Country: Germany
Info: While the previous volume was half-full of HR/HM, this glass is almost entirely empty, but included here f.y.i.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HELLO - Gimmie Your Heart
  Ha Ha! The keyboard lead for this incredibly insipid pop-rocker will stick in your head for weeks, no doubt. Total only-on-a-local-comp, junior-high kült.
2. HELLO - To My Love
  Prog-rock Instrumental.
4. SENDER 69 - Elektron
  Classic rock.
5. FANCY FREE - Same Old Story
  Half-wavy, half-proggy rock with an incredibly catchy chorus.
6. FANCY FREE - Rock'n Roll Star
  Rock/aor that's a bit of a "Runaway" (B*n J*vi) rip-off.

Side B:
1. NUR SO - Für Veronika
2. MIRAGE - Only The Best
  US-style fm rock w/ bad vocals.
3. MIRAGE - On The Radio
4. PHALANX - Turn Your Radio On
  I guess amateurish hr/aor, but the the galoppy pace and nice chorus makes it almost good ...but still a bit too poppy to qualify as Metal.
5. J.O. BAND - Rhapsody
  Fun 60's-style pop-psych/garage rock.
6. PROZT - Evolution
  VERY amateurish Punk-Metal/HR that no-one should ever need to hear twice..
7. ANGST - Frankfurt
  Really bad new wave ballad.
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