Rockactive I LP 1983
Label: VIP Records #: VIP 8301 Country: Germany
Info: The first of 2 comps promoting up & coming German rock acts, most of them probably from the Hesse/Frankfurt area, though there's no formal mention of it being a promotional tool for a specific local scene. 2-sided insert w/ lyrics.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. NUR SO - Anton Das Phantom
  Pop-punk w/ a Toy Dolls' novelty feel.
2. NUR SO - Opel-Ochs Am Band
3. STEAM - I Don't Know
  Hard Rock with such an ultra-generic riff it could pass for a number of different sub-genres, Metal not really being one of them.
4. M.T. WIZZARD - My Dustsucker
  Comically hideous rock ballad.
5. LOCOMOTION - Ellen Come Back
  Jerky amateur Hard Rock with a charming chorus and somber note, meaning when he sings about wanting his Ellen to come back, he actually means it.
6. SO-WIE-SO - Der Ausreisser
7. ADDIS - My Gestalt
  New wave.

Side B:
1. FOG - Don't Stop
  More Hard Rock, not making much of a fuzz but maybe with a percentage or 2 more NWOHM in it than its predecessors.
2. BLACK EAGLES - Hexentanz
  Another number which I perhaps wouldn't call all-out Metal, but the occational power chords and good female vocals do shine.
3. CRACK JAW - Breaking The Oath
  Great, fast J.Priest-Steel with nice, Rock'n'Rolf-type vocals. But breaking the oath?? Not cool. And yes, indeed the same band who did the "Nightout" LP on Steamhammer 2 years later.
4. ELAINE - Ain't That Reality
  Good keyboard-fuled and proggy 70's style Hard Rock.
5. P.L.O. - Rote Rosen Für Tote Hosen
  New wave/punk with sax.
6. P.L.O. - Computerwelt (Für Elfriede Video)
  Punk reminding of X-Ray Specs.
7. NO TROUBLE - Sound Of Today
  No-one's fave Gama-band offers a surprisingly capable Accept-style number. Some crackin' guitar harmonies somewhere in the middle.
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