Rock '92 Volumul 1 LP 1992
Label: Eurostar #: CDS-CS 0121 Country: Romania
Info: Recorded live on september 11-12 at the festival with the same name. Most likely the only volume made, at least on vinyl.
The back sleeve credits the B-side to 'Gillan', though technically it should probably be the Ian Gillan Band at this period in time.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. COMANDO - Extaz
  Ballsy Hard Rock/sleeze of the heavier kind, somewhere between early Van Halen/Aerosmith stuff and the more "modern" Skid Row-style.
2. SURVOLAJ - Cintecul Ploaiei
  Excellent heavy & groovy stuff straight out of the 70's. Fuzzy guitar orgies bringing names like SIR LORD BALTIMORE and HIGH TIDE to mind. "Post-proto-Metal"?
3. CARGO - Batacanda
  One of the better tracks from their "Povestiri Din Gara" LP in a more atmospheric live version. Dark & soulful melodic Hard Rock without the ugly smiley-face of aor.
4. KRYPTON - Fara Teama
  Their best and heaviest track from their album with the same name, sounding even better and heavier here. Powerful, guitar-oriented melodic Metal like the finer end of the Russian Melodia Records-acts.

Side B:
1. GILLAN - Black Night
  Excellent live version of this classic.
2. GILLAN - Dirty Dog
  Originally on the "Toobox" album by Ian Gillan Band. Classic DP-style Heavy Rock.
3. GILLAN - When A Blind Man Cries
  Ballad originally featured on the B-side of DP's "Never Before" 7".
4. GILLAN - Never Before
  Originally on DP's "Machine Head" album.
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