Robbanásveszély! LP 1987
Label: Sztar #: 0003 Country: Hungary
Info: Some copies came w/ a green "Heavy Metal" sticker, some w/ an orange one. Never seen a stickerless copy yet.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ROTOR - Metál Háború
  Nothing overtly heavy with that hammond and all, but sometimes a catchy chorus is all it takes.
2. SÁMÁN -Sámán
  Another great chorus making up for the limp mix of this LP. Not really Power Metal, but powerfull HM nonetheless.
3. BMV - Álarc Nélkül
  Funny keyboard-sound, but still a hefty piece of EastEuro-style Melodic Metal.
4. MISSIÓ - A Sors
  In all its simplicity a pure gem of Melodic HM/Hard Rock. That chorus is a piece of genius! Different from LP version (no keyboard here).
5. FÓKUSZ - Rocker Fiúk És Kemény Lányok
  Very silly high-pitched vocals over J Priest-like riffing. The sing-along ending was kinda nice though.

Side B:
1. SÁMÁN - Hódító Küzdelem
  Closest thing to Epic Power on this comp and another good one.
2. ROTOR - Rotor-Rémálom
  Beats anything from their albums imo. Right up there with the best Pokolgép or Ossian songs and similar in style too.
3. MISSIÓ - Eljön A Szabadulás
  Outstanding, goosebumps-inducing Melodic Metal! How the hell could that LP of theirs turn out so lame?! Different from LP version, obviously.
4. BMV - A Fiú
  Pointless ballad.
5. FÓKUSZ - Keresztre Feszíthetsz
  More of those irritating vocals. Not much of a song this time.
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