Ripp-Rock's Skiva LP 1982
Label: Ripp-Rock #: RRR-821 Country: Sweden
Info: This naivistic little oddity was produced by the rock organization Ripp-Rock from the northern town of Piteå, formed only the year before the album's release. Includes a 4-page booklet insert w/ band info etc.. (Nagazaki-page)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. X-AKT - Naiv Pop
  Generic pop-rock.
2. J.B - Vem Håller Dig Varm
  Pop ballad.
3. UNGUARDED - It Wouldn't Be Anymore
  Classic rock.
4. ZAPATAS SYSTRAR - Fredsvisan
  Silly but charming all-girl pop-rock.
5. STRÖMSSON - With A Little Help From My Friends
  Oh doG no.. it's that guy with the acoustic guitar that everybody hates - Quick, run!
6. PINK HELGE - Vatten Och Bröd
  Sentimental pop ballad.

Side B:
1. NAM-NAM - Händer Av Stål
  Laid back, bluesy pop.
2. HEMUL - Gryningens Dotter
  Jazz rock.
3. NAGAZAKI - Unknown Destination
  Full-blown nwobhm-style Heavy Metal with some borrowed moves from Judas Priest's late 70's albums. While it's heavier than the band's 7" from 4 years later it's unfortunately not much of a in-your-head-sticker to be honest.
4. NEXILE - Finns Det Liv, Finns Det Hopp
  The first few seconds will trick you into thinking this might be another cool HR/HM contribution, but no, it's power pop-time.
5. MÅFÅ - När Du Kommer
  Middle-school pop-rock.
  Amateur junior-high rock.
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