The Recording Workshop: Advanced Workshop Winter '82 LP 1982
Label: The Recording Workshop #: 203002 Country: USA
Info: As with Unity Gain, this was a compilation of local artists mixed by students at The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, OH. Several of these LPs were released and all are exceptionally rare.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. THE VICES - Aim Straight
  Starts with a nice doomy bass line, but quickly devolves into psych rock strangeness.
2. PURE JAM - Don't Go
3. JIM ROSEBROOK - Radioactive
  A powerpop twist on BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN style rock.
4. CITADEL - Lothlorien
  Amazing epic folk metal that must be heard to be believed. Fortunately, it has been reissued on CD along with other CITADEL songs, including an alternate version of this one called "Escaping Nepthon".

Side B:
1. BARRY LEDERER - Guards Up
2. PURE JAM - Bit By Bit
  Soft rock.
3. SWANKK - Don't Let Me Down
4. BARRY LEDERER - In The Dark
  Progressive rock.
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