Ready To Rock LP 1986
Label: Tonau Records #: 33.006 Country: Austria
Info: The (inferior) follow-up to last year's Ready To Fire LP on the same label. Released on CD in 1988 as "Heavy Metal", with 4 BLIND PETITION and 3 SPEED LIMIT songs as bonus.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SABOTAGE - The World's In Misery
  Uptempo, vaguely punk-sounding heavy/power in the style of German TYRANT. Great guitar tone.
2. SABOTAGE - Back Again
  M.M.M. ...aka Mediocre Midpace Metal, following the old 1-riff-1-song tradition.
3. SABOTAGE - You Are Crazy
  Slow ballad. Excrement.
4. EXHIBITION - We Are The Last In Line
  3rd rate Judas Priests. Sounds like the vocalist has a mild speech impediment.
5. EXHIBITION - Come Back
6. EXHIBITION - I Sold My Soul For Rock'n'Roll
  More nonsensical Priest/generic NWOBHM-style dunn-da-dunns. The triggered drums that infest the whole album are particularly annoying on this one.

Side B:
1. OBSERVER - Observer
  Motörhead-influenced NWOHM reminding me of HAMMER HAWK.
2. OBSERVER - Rest In Peace
  "Knockin on heaven's door"-style ballad.
3. BABAJAGA - Come On And Play
  Female fronted Metal that might be the best so far, but otherwise barely over par.
4. BABAJAGA - Look In The Mirror
  Improving themselves with some almost-Epic Metal aspirations. Certainly not bad stuff.
5. BABAJAGA - I Have Lost My Laugh
  The least sucky (semi)ballad on the album. Actually not too sucky at all.
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