Ready To Fire LP 1985
Label: Tonau Records #: 33.002 Country: Austria
Info: Includes a two sided insert with pics & band info.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
  Thumpin' NWOHM quite similar to Tygers Of Pan Tang.
2. BLIND PETITION - Remember
  More groove & 70's quirks to this one, as well as riffing you'd love to hear again some time soon.
  A bit stilted in structure, but the 70's riffs fit in nicely with the 80's dito.
4. BURNING VISION - Lightning & Thunder (We're Ready To Rock)
  Their albums SUCKED! I'm sorry to say. This track has some goodish Saxon/Accept leads but mostly it just sounds awkward and hookless.
5. BURNING VISION - Chill Of Broken Bones
  Hard Rock sounding like it desperately wants to be catchy and moving, but it all falls flat.
6. BURNING VISION - No Mercy 4 Thoughtless
  Mops Screwdriver's melodically impaired vocals keep on boring us and not even the handful of PowerMetallic parts can do anything to help matters.

Side B:
1. BLOWIN FREE - Shot Out Of Hell
  Woh! Manilla Road-might dressed in lederhosen! Crushes anything else this band has released both before and after.
2. BLOWIN FREE - Take It All
  Fist-banging mania gone epic! Dark pounding Steel and sinister powerchords galore, jaw still at my feet.
3. BLOWIN FREE - Before The Fall
  Just when you thought it couldn't get any better they totally DESTROY you with another Manowar/Manilla Road warmachine!
4. TOMORROW - Don't Talk About It
  Ac/Dc-rocker with an Iggy-wannabe in front of the mic.
5. TOMORROW - Prisoner
  Slow boogie-HR with terribly out-of-place keyboards thrown in.
6. TOMORROW - Born To Burn
  Fast NWOA(ustrian)HM ending the album on an upside note.
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