Queens Village Rocks: Volume I LP 1988
Label: MM Records #: MMR1200 Country: USA
Info: Put together by the Queens Village Catholic Youth Community, though the bands themselves are not necessarily religious. Comes with a two-sided insert.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DUSTY ROSE - One Step At A Time
2. INFLUX - Games In Fall
  All-female hard rock/AOR.
3. SHOTGUN ANNIE - Rip It To The Ground
  Dated L.A. style metal.
4. VISION - Never Meant To Break Your Heart
  Run-of-the-mill DOKKEN metal except for a fairly heavy break in the middle that is more like GRIM REAPER.
5. ALIAS - Never Return
  Melodic metal with some power metal elements. The falsetto vocals in the bridge are a nice touch.

Side B:
  Sloppy early TESTAMENT style thrash with the obligatory East Coast mosh part.
2. RAGGED EDGE - Can't Be Stopped
  Decent traditional DIY metal.
3. NOCTURNAL FEAR - Ground Zero
  Raw speed metal guitars, NWOBHM style bass lines, and gutteral proto-black metal vocals. Add a couple heavy, slow breaks to the mix and you've got some cool cult metal.
4. RUNAWAY - Rock You
  Awful but somewhat endearing punky sleaze metal.
5. SLY - Only The Heart Breaks
  Despite the Bon Jovi wannabe on vocals, this is an enjoyable metal ballad. One of those rare cases where the term AOR metal doesn't seem lke an oxymoron.
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