Quattro LP 1986
Label: Drag Utan Drog/ABF #: DuD 004-86 Country: Sweden
Info: The 4th and possibly last volume in a series of LPs that was a co-op between the anti-drug rock organization "Drag Utan Drog" (no relation to the Drag Utan Droger compilations) and the educational organization ABF. They were preceded by "Första Vinylen" (1982), "Andra Vinylen" (1983) and 3:an. Also available with an alternate xeroxed sleeve, probably due to a print shop fuckup judging by an angry comment on the back.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MR. CRANES R&B BROS. - No Worries
  Slow blues rock.
2. SQUAWK - Out On Parole
  Pop-rock w/ a melo-HR touch.
3. SVEN JERRINGS - Last Guitar
  Instrumental trad r'n'r/rockabilly.
4. WHIRGIN - Run, Run, Run
  Distinctly Swedish-sounding Steel with throbbing riffs and good vocal melodies a la PARASITE, MINDLESS SINNER, AXEWITCH etc..

Side B:
1. GORDINIS - Allt Hon Vill
2. SUGGESTION - Sprucket Kors
  Goth/new wave.
  Rock ballad.
4. SLAMMERS - Low, Low, Low
  Slow blues rock w/ tons of reverb.
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