PYX 106 Albany's Best Rock N Roll LP 1981
Label: Starstream #: BMC-80113 Country: USA
Info: Compilation of local artists by the Albany, NY radio station WPYX 106.5 FM for the national Big Music Contest. As with all of these albums, it came with a ballot to vote for your favorite track.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. NEW YORK FLYERS - You've Got The Power
  Catchy pop/rock.
2. GRAND LARCENY - Shoot From The Hip
  Gritty southern rock.
3. THE SMYTHE' BROTHERS - I Wanna Take You Home
  Pop/rock with an incessant cowbell.
4. MARS - Between The Lines
  Heavy guitarwork combined with some new wave/powerpop sounds bringing to mind a lighter version of THE PLADS. Not the Eire, PA MARS who appeared on the Metalgon compilation.
5. MENAGERIE - Eight
  Hard rock with a dark Death In The Nursery vibe.

Side B:
1. CHRYSALIS - The Ballad Of Big Dan
  Prog rock in the vein of 1980s GENESIS.
2. BOB RADLIFF - Warriors & Queens
  Not bad for blues rock.
3. NORTHERN STAR - The Bone Song
  Fast paced country rock with a blues break. From the same region as the band that released the "Slow Down" single, but the songwriting credits are different so it may just be a coincidence.
4. THE DRONEZ - Red Skies
  Repetitive hard rock.
5. E.Q. - Said
  One of those odd proto-prog metal tracks that sounds nothing like what we know of as prog metal today and more like YES on speed.
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