Pûr Bést - Stifting Hollebatsers LP 1990
Label: Stifting Hollebatsers #: 001 Country: Netherlands
Info: A "HardCore/SpeedMetal compilation album from Friesland". S.H. was a DIY indie Dutch music org/label started by the band members themselves, who also had a few other vinyl & tape releases out later, mostly in the HC/punk/alternative vein. Comes with an 8-page stapled folder insert, including band info, pics, lyrics, bios etc..

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DISGRACE - No Image
  Quirky HC/Crossover reminding me of the awesome Die Kreuzen :)
2. DISGRACE - Yellow Is The Colour Of The Bus/Electric Hate
  More neat quirk/prog HC like Die Kreuzen/Raped Teenagers.
3. INCURSION DEMENTA - Zymotic Death
  Fast, aggressive & technical Thrash Metal at its best, like Frolic../Act III-era DEATH ANGEL but with bigger balls.
  Excellent start/stop Thrash with a gritty HC-edge.
5. LA COSA NOSTRA - It Depends On Which Way The Wind Blows
  Post-HC in the style of Rollins Band etc..
6. LA COSA NOSTRA - No Big Loss
  A bit heavier, rumbling, mid-pace stuff. Goodish but not really Metal, no.

Side B:
1. KÄDÄVéRBÄK - Pregnant Nancy
  Noisy, "clever" post-HC with fem/male mixed vox.
2. KÄDÄVéRBÄK - Smash Their Brains In
  Even more Die Kreuzen/Raped Teenagers/Flipper mish-mash stuffs.
3. LUNACY - Insane....?
  Another mighty fine, fast, edgy & technical Speed/Thrash contribution, stylewise like those INCURSION DEMENTA-guys mentioned above.
4. LUNACY - [?]
  For some reason this 2nd LUNACY song isn't mentioned anywhere on the album, but there are in fact 2 contributions from this band. Same great rippin' Thrashings here as well.
5. KING'S EVIL - The Jinx/Epsilon
  Sort of Metallic mid-pace crossover, like early Biohazard minus the testosterone.
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