Punto Zero - Numero 5/6 LP+7" 1991
Label: Toast #: TDLP 872 Country: Italy
Info: Punto Zero was a novel LP-with-fanzine series made by the Toast label in Italy during the years 1990-1995. Your basic alternative/garage/d.i.y. product, but they seem to have had a weak spot for our old friend Paul Chain, which appeared on this and volume 13/14. Came in a thin wraparound sleeve w/ reviews, articles and interviews. (Paul Chain interview from the inner fold-out)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. PAUL CHAIN - The Machine
  Prime PC-doooohhm ...that does linger on a bit into psych-territories in the middle as often is the case, but not as much as on his/their "White Sepulchres" album from the same year. Later featured on the "Mirror" compilation CD in 1997 (released on 2LP vinyl by F.O.A.D. Records in 2014).
2. ERIDANIA - Inver Scene/Coming Of The Gaels
  The Great Surprise Of The Month is this untimely pagan-Metal-prog hybrid that no-one seem to know anything about. Almost 11 minutes of folksy, epic Italian darkness that lies a lot closer to Primordial than Skyclad.
3. DEAD LETTER OFFICE - Sadnes [sic] And Beauty
  Indie rock.

Side B:
1. TORQUEMADA - Hot Mambo
  Darkened etho/goth/ambient w/ fem vox.
2. BOHEMIEN FLAMBÉ - Poisson A Boire
  Funky alt. rock.
3. LE SCIMMIE E LA LUNA - Giovani Scimmie
  Uptempo alt. pop/rock.
4. MONIQUE ENNOIRE - Belle Malissima
  Flippant instrumental electro-rock.
5. DE CORTO - El Pueblo Unido...
  Groovy alt. rock.

Side C:
1. TAKEN TO THE BOTTLE - Tango Senza Ritorno
  Folk/tango-pop ballad.

Side D:
1. TAKEN TO THE BOTTLE - Cristobal Colon
  Balkan-type folk-rock.

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