Punto Zero - Numero 13/14 LP 1993
Label: Toast #: TDLP 879 Country: Italy
Info: The second and probably last of the many Punto Zero-volumes to include anything remotely interesting for Metalheads. Includes a Paul Chain-article on the inner sleeve and a 6 page 7" folder about the history of Italian rock music - Heavy Metal conveniently left unmentioned.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. PAUL CHAIN - Train Of Illusion
  Threatens to be one of those insufferable experimental pieces for the first 30 seconds but then we get one of his/their most traditional (and best?) Heavy Rock numbers of the period. Later featured on the "Mirror" compilation CD in 1997 (released on 2LP vinyl by F.O.A.D. Records in 2014).
2. SIN-TA - Prisoner And Wise
  Psych/jazzy alternative rock.
3. A.V. GERENIA - Third Drawer
  Jerky noise-rock.
4. STIGMA REA - Coma Ruga
  Even less HM than on their proggy "Forbice" album on Minotauro, this is just nonsensical funky instrumental rock.
5. MARIO MARIANI ENSEMBLE - Parroci: Spazio= 8: 1000°
  Kooky circus-prog like a more electronic and novelty-laden Cardiacs or Mr. Bungle.

Side B:
1. KLASSE KRIMINALE - Ci Incontreremo Ancora Un Giorno
  Old-school punk rock.
2. SIGILLUM S - Surreal Stimulants Retina Master
3. EAST WALL - Shadows
  Atmospheric rock/electro w/ fem vox.
4. WAINER NADALINI - Che Guevara
  Folksy pop-singer.
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