Projeto Mythus LP 1994
Label: Athos Records #: 101.648 Country: Brazil
Info: Local underground rock compilation from the town of Fortaleza, more than half of it being Metal-related. If not great, at least it sounds enough behind its time to qualify for this page despite the late year of release. Includes 2-sided insert.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. INSANITY - Contemplations
  The first minute or so pays tribute to C.Frost's "Into The Pandemonium" but the rest of the song is trad. Death Metal a la Death.
2. A MÁQUINA - Suicide Man
  Slick Power/techno-thrash-light, like a lesser Megadeth anno 1988. Their attempt at being catchy fails rather badly..
3. DAGO RED - Every Girl Needs A Gun
  Indie rock/pop punk
4. VELOURIA - Dazed Brain
  Punky alternative rock that isn't half-bad.
5. KAMERATA - Electric Shine
  Upbeat melodic hr.

Side B:
1. BEOWULF - Another Way
  Musically it's decent Helloween'ish Power Metal but the somewhat sour & nasal vocals + silly keyboards ruin it.
2. A MÁQUINA - Brain Washing
  Here they try for some Speed and it works better for them. Still feels awkwardly mediocre though.
3. INSANITY - The Monitor
  Pounding machine-Death Metal sounding like Morbid Angel at midpace-Slayer pace.
4. ANTI RUST - Be Yourself
  Speaking of mid-pace Slayer... Unfortunately it's a tad too much on the modern side for comfort.
5. DAGO RED - Dead Poets
  Lou Reed-wannabe indie rock ballad.
6. HYPNOSIS - Wicked Heritage
  Quite awful hair-rock.
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