Projekt 12 LP 1987
Label: Studiefrämjandet I Linköping #: SFLP 9/87 Country: Sweden
Info: One of many locals comps from the town of Linköping, Sweden. The number 12 refers to the number of featured bands and is not an index in a series.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SILVERWINGS - Take My Hand
  Very happy aor.
2. LENNYS GOSSKÖR - Göthes Borg
  Rock w/ a touch of aor.
3. CARRYON - Searching
  Mainstream melodic Metal/HR, not lacking in talent but more so in songwriting skills.
4. INFALL - Blod I Brand
  Hard Rock ballad.
5. SECOND SIGHT - This Time
  Slow melodic hr/aor.
6. ISAIAH - The Real Love
  Ballad from what sounds like a Xian aor act.

Side B:
1. WET - Let's Find Out
  Soft hair/sleaze rock.
2. FORTRESS - Heart Of Darkness
  Another clearly competent melodic Metal act drowning in the Swedish ocean of mainstream mediocrity.
3. RUBICON - Midnight
  Throwaway, keyboard-ridden poserfest. No relation to the Eksjö demo-act Rubycon.
4. FLASHBACK - Summernight
  Out-of-tune Sleaze. Doublebarf.
5. MY NEW CAREER - Too Long
  Alternative(?) pop.
6. RA - Marsluft
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