Profumo Di Rovina LP 1985
Label: Drums Edizioni Musicali #: EDL 2159 Country: Italy
Info: A co-op between various Italian pop & rock artists and inmates of the Ferrante Aporti juvenile prison of Turin, old prog/rock band ZAUBER being the driving force behind the project. Subtitled "Dieci Canzoni Dal Ferrante Aporti", the complete title translating as "The Scent Of Ruin - Ten Songs From Ferrante Aporti".

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ZAUBER - Anna
  Keyboard-heavy pop-rock.
2. ZAUBER - Eronia
  Schlager-type ballad.
3. Marco Garzena - I Miei Giorno Infelici
  Ballad again.
4. Leo Fiore - Discoteca
5. ATTILO - Concerto In Si Bemolle
6. BLACK DEAL - Profumo Di Rovina
  Their excellent instrumental theme-song on Heavy Metal Made In Italy is what got me interested in this album in the first place, but here they're a bit more anonymous NWOHM-stock.

Side B:
1. BLACK DEAL - Life
  Very much in the middle of Saxon and Judas Priest is where we find BD this time around. Not a bad place to be - unless you want to make a memorable mark in Metal history.
2. ZAUBER - Nightmare
  A bit of that trademark Italian 'dark sound' to be found in this soft prog piece.
3. CINZIA - Non C'è Gusto
  ...and ballad again.
  "This is how the world ends, not with a bang but with a ballad.."
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