Power Together LP 1993
Label: For-M #: FMILP-0002 Country: South Korea
Info: Compilation of 4 South Korean bands as well as 2 tracks by a supergroup (POWER TOGETHER) featuring members of those bands. Includes 2-sided insert with lyrics and band photos. Also released on CD and cassette.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. POWER TOGETHER - 내곁에 네 아픔이
  Put a bunch of hard rock and metal bands together and we could have had another "Stars". Instead we get "We Are The World".
2. STRANGER - Keeping The Goodtimes
  Kind of sounds like a cross between ARMORED SAINT and HELLOWEEN but more exotic. Unfortunately it's not nearly as awesome as you might think from that description.
3. BAEKDOOSAN - I'll Be On Your Way
  Boring ballad.
  Somewhat eerie, somewhat sleazy hard rock/metal like EZO.
5. BAEKDOOSAN - Lonely Avenue
  Bluesy instrumental.

Side B:
1. POWER TOGETHER - 함께 할꺼야
  Another singalong ballad.
2. BLACK SYNDROME - Save My Soul
  More of a bluesy L.A. GUNS sound on this one. This track later appeared on at least one best-of compilation.
3. BLACK HOLE - Here I Am
  Speed/thrash metal that covers a lot of territory without ever treading on new ground. Rereleased in 1997 on their Best Of Best compilation CD.
4. STRANGER - Too Heavy To Stand
  The album finishes off with the best track, sounding like a less progressive version of early ANGRA.
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