Posloucháte Větrník.../3 LP 1987
Label: Supraphon #: 1113 4205 H Country: Czechoslovakia
Info: The third, last and most interesting volume in the series.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TANGO - Svůj Mezi Své
  Good east-rock sounding almost like HR if it weren't for the wavy keys & leads.
2. PUMPA - Kontrola Limonády
  Ac/Dc style boogie-Hard Rock.
3. KERN - Zídka
  Considering how bloody awesome some of their early 7"s and demos from the same period was, a ballad comes as a disappointment even if it's a rare recording and not complete crap.
4. ARAKAIN - Cesta
  Absolutely ferocious, axeweilding Metal that's quite different from any of their later recordings, though the galloping Power/Speed of their debut 7" comes close. Here they're more of a perfect US/Maiden mashup.
5. DUX - Ještě Se Nekončí
  Energic 70's-sounding Hard Rock in the style and class of their early 7"s.
6. CITRON - Hon Na Bluda
  A different recording than the "Radegast" version. Great, powerful and melodic Euro-Metal at its finest, planted somewhere between ACCEPT and ARIA.

Side B:
1. FUTURUM - Nekonečná
  Pop/Rock-side starts off with Pop-rock.
2. VÝBĚR - Hrály Dudy
  Funny wavy rock.
3. TURBO - Svou Hru Hrát
4. NATURAL - Den Co Den
5. Vladimír Mišík & Etc… - Pes, Franta A Kant
  (Alternative?) rock.
6. KRAUSBERRY - Jaroslav
7. ŽENTOUR - Všechno Na Dosah
  Peculiar 80's pop/rock.
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