Populjarnye Gruppy Diskotek Litvy LP 1988
Label: Melodia/SF Riga #: C60 27683 006 Country: Lithuania/CCCP
Info: Original title in Russian: Популярные Группы Дискотек Литвы

A collection of Lithuanian rock & pop released by Soviet state label Melodia.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. RONDO - Pavasario Laukimas
  Soft keyboard-dominated rock.
2. ANTIS - Neplanuoti Augalai
  Funny Devo-esque robot-rock.
3. CODA - Miškų Dukra
  Schmalzy rock ballad.
4. POLIARIZUOTI STIKLA - Poliarizuoti Stiklai
  Classic rock.
5. STUDIA - Daina Draugams
  Folksy schlager-pop w/ accordion.

Side B:
1. MEDIUM - Naujas Krikštas
  Rainbow-worshipping (think 'Down To Earth' but with heavier guitars) melodic Metal w/ keys like plenty of Japanese or Scandinavian act at the time.
2. CARDIOFONAS - Kalėdų Eglutė
  Sentimental pop ballad.
3. FOJE - Laužo Šviesa
  Slow zynth ballad.
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