Points Of Departure LP 1984
Label: Rambert Records #: NRT 252 Country: England
Info: Cellar bands from the Essex area, compiled by a local youth org and released by a small local indie label (also responsible for the WARRIOR 10") to coincide with a small rock festival. 2-sided insert.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SWITCH - Waiting Till You Want Me
  Soft, jazzy indie pop.
2. LANDSLIDE - Band Of Gold
  60's style psych.
3. INCENSE - Time And Again
4. AVALON - I Know You're There
  The rough performance combined with the o.t.t. high vocals might be a turn-off to some, but for me this haunting Hyksos/The Mezmerist/Cirith Ungol-hybrid was love at first listen. Surely not your typical NWOBHM/UK stuff..
5. LEGACY - Lookin'
6. RARE PLEASURES - The Alternative
  Poppy new wave.

Side B:
1. SABOTEUR - Hear What They Say
  More jazzy/funky pop.
2. THE SWEAT BAND - I'm Alive
  70's style heavy rock ballad with lotsa guitars that might be the slower moment of a heavier band, but how will we ever know?
3. BEAU MONDE - Burning Cities
  Very sloppy new wave.
4. TRIDENT - Follow Me Follow Yours
  Nope, not them. Soft guitar-pop w/ a 60's flair.
  Garage rock with lots of twang.
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