Playboy Street Rock LP 1981
Label: Nightflite #: NFLP-2001 Country: Canada
Info: The featured winners of the Playboy Music Poll Talent Search were submitted by radio stations from across North America. Original issue has two-sided paper inner sleeve with band info, and a two-sided insert. Reissued in 1982 with identical outer sleeve, cardboard inner sleeve instead of paper, and a letter advertising the April '82 issue of Playboy.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TIGER TIGER - Summertime
2. THE JACKALS - I've Come Back
  Light AC/DC rock.
3. CHAMPION V - Radio
  Powerpop/AOR. They also appeared on the Chicago Rocks Volume II compilation under the name CHAMPION.
4. WALLY POZ - Automatic Life
  Synth pop.
5. THE REMEDIALS - Sweet Leather
6. KICK AXE - Reality Is The Nightmare
  KROKUS style hard rock, recorded live.

Side B:
1. CHAMPION V - Steppin' Out
  As grand prize winners, this Chicago band were allowed two tracks. This hard rock song still has a bit of a LOVERBOY feel, but it's not completely wimpy. I dig it.
  Powerpop from Philadelphia, PA. Not to be confused with the pre-ICON band.
3. MS.TREAT - I'm Gonna Go Away
4. THE REVELONS - Outlaw Without A Gun
  Post-punk featuring Fred Smith (TELEVISION) and Jay Dee Daugherty (Patti Smith Group).
5. SNAKE ROCK - Your Hot Love
  Bland hard rock inspired by KISS and AC/DC.
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