Parkside Steelworks LP 1985
Label: LiL Records #: LiL LP 2 Country: England
Info: Rare 'local sampler' compilation best known for containing two exclusive MENDES PREY tracks.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MENDES PREY - Red Alert
  Another excellent tune from one of the best NWOBHM acts.
2. CYRKA - Price of Love
  Widdly keyboards and pop-rock spandex schmaltz. Jan later moved on to ZODIAC MINDWARP.
3. GYPSY - Street Fighter
  Good track with a strong NWOBHM ethos but an annoyingly shrill vocalist. They were later known as LADY LUCK.
4. EAST TO WEST - You Mean Everything
  Slightly heavier sound but still closer to pop-rock territory than real metal. The band later became ANTIGUA.
5. VIRGIN - Glittering Diamonds
  Same band with the SACRED ALIEN split single; insipid bubblegum fluff that repeats a brain-dead, 2-line chorus about a hundred times. Ouch.

Side B:
1. EAST TO WEST - I Want You Back
  Similar to their A-side contribution but better.
2. CYRKA - New Direction
  Tighter than their other contribution, same overall rock-lite style.
3. VIRGIN - So Bad
  Sometimes a song title just says it all. These guys make Brett Michaels sound like Tom G Warrior.
4. GYPSY - Ride From Hell
  Decent gallop and the vocals aren’t as annoying this time around.
5. LYZARD - The Loving Kind
  Upside: they’re heavier than any of the other bands on this album. Downside: the song’s a mess that’s not well-written or well-played.
6. MENDES PREY - Cry for the World
  Another top-notch number, these guys really were spectacular.
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Submitted by Alan/nightsblood (3 swords)
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