Panzer/Chronos/Epicentro/Dorso untitled promo MLP 1987
Label: Discos CBS #: PROM-0134 Country: Chile/Argentina
Info: This tremendously obscure, sleeveless Argentinian 12" was a promo-only release made for radio stations. It compiles 4 songs featured on the Infierno Rock MC released by the Chilean branch of CBS the same year. One of the precious few 80's vinyls of Chilean Metal together with the PENTAGRAM 7" and the NECROSIS mlp, none of which were released in Chile.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. PANZER - Alerta Roja
  Excellent dark grinding Metal lurking in the Shadows of other SoAm greats like V8, Alta Tensao and Arkangel.
2. CHRONOS - Armagedón
  Great riff-lego instrumental pending between Speed and that galloping pace that seem to make up the majority of 80's Metal instrumentals.

Side B:
1. EPICENTRO - Vivir Sin Tí
  Disappointing, low-tier HR. (Why on earth didn't they give this spot to the excellent FEED BACK from the tape version??)
2. DORSO - Zeus
  A very early recording of this soon-to-be bonkers Prog Thrash cult act. The title and the 8+ minutes playing time couldn't be a more obvious setup for Epicness, though while really great this sounds more like 90's prog-metal Holocaust than Manilla Road.
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