Panorama '86 LP 1986
Label: Melodia #: C60 24863 000 Country: USSR
Info: Russian title: "Панорама '86"
Recorded live at the festival w/ the same name.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. EVM - Chestnyi Dzhon
  Bluesy semi-hard rock.
2. EVM - Strana Pozdravleniy
  Less blues - rock still only semi-hard.
3. MASHINA VREMENI - Muzyka Pod Snegom
  Slow pop.
4. S. SARYCHEV & ENSEMBLE - Ya Sdelan Iz Takogo Veshchestva
  The old Russian HR/HM band Альфа (Alpha) under a different name, unfortunately only represented by a ballad.

Side B:
1. RONDO - Samyi Umnyi Klass
2. ZODCHIYE - Ya Umeyu Mech Tat'
3. BRAVO - Veryu Ya
4. KRUIZ - Mirazh
  Hard Rock with some nice riffing (did I hear "Crazy Train"?), melodies & cool breaks. Not too heavy, but a good track and their first step in the Metal direction. Appears as bonus track on several CD-reissues of their debut LP.
5. MASHINA VREMENI - V Dobryy Chas
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