Pacific Metal Project LP 1985
Label: Coma/Restless Records #: 72075-1 Country: USA
Info: Compilation of local Seattle and Portland based bands that was put together by Jeff Gilbert who ran Ground Zero/C.O.M.A. Records. Includes a two sided insert with band info. Released on vinyl and cassette.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HEIR APPARENT - Tear Down The Walls
  There were quite a few bands on the Seattle scene that were inspired by QUEENSRYCHE's early success, but none match the brilliance of HEIR APPARENT. One of their catchier tracks, this is their first release and is slightly different to the LP version.
2. MYTH - Let Me Hear The Thunder
  Not to be confused with the band from Connecticut (the page on metal-archives is dead wrong), this is the infamous Kelly Gray MYTH that once featured Geoff Tate on vocals. His replacement is no Geoff Tate, but he's still pretty good and actually reminds me of Ann Boleyn despite being male. This is a great song, but it seems to be missing something. Perhaps there are too many keyboards?
3. MISTRUST - Running For My Life
  Formed from the ashes of a couple other Seattle based bands: the guitarist and bass player are from ROTTWEILLER and the singer is from CULPRIT. Decent song that sounds a bit like METAL CHURCH with a hard rock edge.
4. MANCHILD - Keep On Believin'
  Fairly typical US metal, it has a decent chorus but overall is too predictable.
5. RANSOM - Throw The Stone
  Some heavy dark sleaze here (sort of like W.A.S.P.) The melody actually reminds me of the self-titled track by SACRED FEW.

Side B:
1. LOOK OUT - Burning Steel
  This intro to this song is a rip off of The Lady Wore Black, but the rest sounds more like something from Canada's BLACK KNIGHT.
2. PHAZE - Where Can We Be Alone
  Decent but unremarkable heavy hard rock in the style of DOKKEN.
3. ARSON - Caught In The Web
  An excellent speed metal track, and unfortunately another band who never released anything else. Singer Dave Roller had a brief stint with GLACIER.
4. XINR - Everpresent Angel
  Very original cross between CIRITH UNGOL and HELL. The vocals certainly aren't for everyone but it's a great song nonetheless. Tragically, members Tony Saiz and Shaun Tramel died in a motorcycle accident just weeks prior to the release of this LP and the band soon disbanded. Second guitarist Roger DeCarlo joined CRUELLA. Recently reissued on Beyond Woodward CD.
5. D.C. LACROIX - Rip It Up
  Same version as LP, but without the brief vocal introduction. Shortly after Pacific Metal Project was released, the band moved to L.A. and recycled this song yet again for the Ladykillers comp.
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