Our LP For You LP 1989
Label: Time-Out Music Connections #: 50-142 Country: Switzerland
Info: A collection of unsigned Swiss rock bands from rather anonymous origins.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. PLATIN - Brandy's
  Soft rock.
2. PLATIN - Feeling
3. JEANNE D'ARC - Silent Spring
  aor w/ a touch of prog.
4. JEANNE D'ARC - They Walk There On Own Way Again
  More proggy/pompy aor.

Side B:
1. CHERRY LEE - Bad Blood
  Lush but good & heavy melodic Hard Rock with equal parts Scandinavian and American flavours.
2. CHERRY LEE - Chains Of Torment
  Similar but with a slight step over into (melodic) Metal territory.
3. ATTILA - Minefields
  Melodic hr.
4. NATION - Tonight
  A welcomed turn towards Maiden-loving, twin-leads Heavy Metal - of the melodic and not too original ilk, but thanx anyway.
5. NATION - Never Too Late
  A slight backlash to more commercial territories, in the style I could only described as 'American Radio-friendly Metal-rock' (no, I clearly don't listen enough to stuff like this to come up with clever band-comparisons..)
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