Oregon Metal MC 1990
Label: Save The World Records #: TPTH-1 Country: USA
Info: Cassette only compilation of Oregon bands presented by The Plague: Northwest Heavy Metal Magazine.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. PASSION FATAL - Closest Thing To Your Heart
  With some obvious FAITH NO MORE and RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS influences, there is metal in there but it is just one of many genres thrown in a blender along with funk and rap.
2. PASSION FATAL - Play With Mine
  Both tracks were rereleased on CD in 2013.
3. X-PIRACY - Carry A Gun
  Sleaze rock resembling one of GUNS N' ROSES' bluesier tracks. Rereleased in 2010 on the Dodge City Limits CD.
4. ZOO GANG - Tasmanian Devil
  Formerly MYSSTRESS, this instrumental shows them moving in a heavier direction.
5. LAWLESS - High Road
  Hard rockish metal with progressive touches that sounds like it came right out of 1981.

Side B:
1. HUNGER - Repeat Offender
  Anachronisms abound as these guys bring back the early L.A. sound of MOTLEY CRUE, L.A. GUNS, etc.
2. CRUELLA - Fight The Dragon
  The post-XINR group offers up some ATTACKER-esque power/speed metal from their 1989 Vengeance Is Mine LP.
3. ROADKILL - Abyssmal Apparition
  Inconsequential SLAYER soundalike.
4. LAZARUS SIN - Out Of The Box
  Heavy stuff like early BLACK SABBATH, except the singer sounds more like Mark Shelton than Ozzy. Gets a bit weird at the end.
5. CRYSYS - Get Out
  Who knew they were still around? Luckily they haven't changed much, sounding more than a little like TYGERS OF PAN TANG.
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