On The Rocks LP 1983
Label: Pang Records #: PLP 025 Country: Sweden
Info: Read more on the Pang Records compilations and what they were about here.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. FRITT FRAM - Likt Ett Fallande Löv
  Pop w/ cute female vox.
2. FRITT FRAM - Ser Du På Mig
  More of the same.
3. DARKNESS - Miranda
  Melodic, sort of melancholic HM.
4. DARKNESS - Don't Wanna Go Home
  Pretty similar to the first song, but even more depressing. Definitely likeable.
5. THE LIZZARD - Watch Out
  Amateurish, melodic Hard Rock.
6. THE LIZZARD - Falling World
  Improvement! Some great riffing in this otherwise pedestrian hardrocker.
7. RRR - Din Själs Svarta Hål
  Quirky Goth-Prog?
8. RRR - Den Dödes Hus
  New Wave.

Side B:
1. MATS JOHANSSON - Goodbye America
2. MATS JOHANSSON - Ett År Av Ditt Liv
  Blues rock.
3. X-AGE - On The Run
4. X-AGE - Atompanik
  aor/melodic rock.
6. MEGAHERTZ - Barn På Nytt
  More rock.
7. HOLY ANGEL - Longing For Your Love
  Heavy/Hard Rock with a pretty riveting lead riff! Addictive as hell!
8. HOLY ANGEL - Holy Angel
  Slow, semi-aucustic instrumental.
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