Offering Of Isca LP 1985
Label: Micro Records #: MIC 15001 Country: England
Info: In case you've never heard of this one before, blame it on the bottomless wallets of the "minimal synth"-collectors. The few copies that has surfaced of this local UK sampler have apparantly exchanged hands at prices many times higher than those of the most expensive Metal compilations, due to the inclusion of 2 acts of this narrow genre. (Not that the Metal tunes are something you could't live without, but still... bastards!)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CIRCUIT 7 - India
  Poppy zynth.
2. RENEGADE ANGEL - Hell's Let Loose
  Amateurish, plodding garage-Metal w/ noisy guitars. The vocals aren't the best either, but they have a certain gung-ho ballsiness about them that I kinda enjoy.
3. THE OUTFIT - Reckless
  Sounds decievingly close to more melodic/poppy NWOBHM at times, but the sax solo + 2nd song should prove that to be a mere coincidence.
4. V.o.K - Lonely Boys, Lonely Girls
  Minimal zynth.
5. PROWLER - Murder & Revenge
  No, not the "Forgotten Angel"/"Alcatraz" bunch I'm afraid. This one's a stupid simple Hard Rock tune which actually sounds more like The Stooges than Deep Purple, but not to the extent that it falls completely outside the NWOBHM-perimeters.

Side B:
1. RENEGADE ANGEL - Classic Offender
  Bare-bones heaviness with a bit too slow tempo for comfort - meaning it sounds more stoned & sleepy than heavy & doomy. Definitely the most interesting one of their 2 offerings tho'
2. PROWLER - Sanctuary
  You'd really want this to sound dead-on early Maiden, don't you? Well it doesn't of course, but it's still a nice rocker in the style of SPARTA, SPEED, "the other" SCARAB and other such obscurities..
3. CIRCUT 7 - Beat Tonight
  Poppy zynth.
4. THE OUTFIT - Stealing With The Boys
  Reggea-rock like The Clash's later material.
5. V.o.K - Nukes Of Terra
  Epic Zynth? Actually quite cool in a post-apocalypse movie-soundtrack sort of way.
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