New York Metal-84 LP 1984
Label: Important/Rockcity Records
King Records (1985)
#: RC 001
Country: USA
Info: The Japanese pressing comes w/ obi.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. WARHEAD - Whore
  Top-notch US Steel that ought to have had at least one full-lenght out on Metal Blade imo. Also featured on 12 Commandments In Metal the following year.
2. CITIES - Still In The Night
  More classic US Metal almost as good as Warhead and slightly more intricate in structure.
3. TAKASHI - Live To Rock
  Boogie meets Sleaze (pee meets poo?) Also on the Metal Over America comp LP from the same year.
4. VIRGIN STEELE - Guitar War-84
  Guitar solo.
5. VIRGIN STEELE - Virgin Steele
  Their excellent theme-song in a new recording, neither better nor worse than the original.

Side B:
1. TEAZER - Day Zero
  Grimey, filthy HR/Metal with a sleazy (though not really 'Sleazy') streak. Also on the first Iron Tyrants volume, released the same year.
2. BLACKLACE - Damn Cheater
  Raunchy Hard Rock w/ fem vox.
3. OVERKILL - Feel The Fire
  Power/Speed Metal pioneers presenting a demo-version of their most epic number.
4. DEATHSLAYER - Journey For Light
  Maiden-influenced, amateurish Heavy/Power with fem vox. It ain't bad, just not as awesome as the band name would make you think.
5. FRIGID BITCH - We Rule The Night
  "Kill 'em All"-style Thrash-embryo that might not be a work of genious but scores several points on sheer aggression.
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