Northwest Metalfest LP 1984
Label: Ground Zero Records
Steamhammer Records
#: GZ001
SH 0019
Country: USA
Info: Compilation of bands from the Pacific Northwest (Washington and Oregon), put together by Jeff Gilbert (who also did the Pacific Metal Project compilation) but it was released on his own short-lived label. Originally released on vinyl and cassette only. Also licensed to Steamhammer and released the following year in Europe, and then in 1989 on CD. Includes insert.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. LIPSTICK - Daily Grind
  Heavy MOTLEY CRUE inspired song with eccentric vocals.
2. OPEN FIRE - Cry For The Nations
  Very good hard rock like 80s RAINBOW, with a little bit stolen from JUDAS PRIEST's version of Diamonds and Rust. Later became PHOENIXX.
3. KODA KAHN - Fantasy & Science Fiction
  Kind of an interesting metal track, but not great.
4. OVERLORD - On The Edge
  Decent sleaze song by the band that recorded the Broken Toys EP.
5. ROTTWEILLER - Intense As Hell
  Their first release starts with a poppy melodic intro but soon transforms into some NWOBHM inspired proto-thrash (sort of like METALLICA's debut). Different version to LP.

Side B:
1. BONDAGE BOYS - The Loser
  Surprisingly metal considering it features singer Taime Downe (under the alias Vaun Hammer). Unfortunately, that doesn't make it good. The following year he would leave the band to form FASTER PUSSYCAT.
2. SATO - Leather Warriors
  Great early power metal song with a bit of a German feel (think GRAVESTONE). Bassist Mike Starr later played for Alice in Chains.
3. STRIKE - Deadline
  Typical rough US metal.
4. MACE - Marching Sacrifice
  Could have been a decent song but it's a bit too raw for my taste, coming off as crossover when it really shouldn't. Confusingly, the song is titled "Marching Saprophytes" on the sleeve, but correctly on the center label. Also on Metal Massacre V, but misnamed again as "Marching Saphroyites".
5. METAL CHURCH - Death Wish
  They display a somewhat different sound on this, their first official release, than on their first 2 LPs. It's a great song but, as is often the case with major bands on compilations, this does not really compare to their album material.
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