Not Just Spaghetti And Mandolini LP 1988
Label: Amtal Blade #: Blade 3 Country: Italy
Info: Another mixed bag of Italian Steel'n'Stone.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MOON OF STEEL - Flyin' High
  Technical, clever Metal like Fates Warning, early Queensrÿche etc..
2. M.A.C.E. - Scream And Shout
  Great Speed Metal with wild, screaming vocals, right up there with Abattoir, Exciter and the likes. Better than most songs off their LP.
3. SHABBY TRICK - Time To Kill
  Torn blue jeans-Metal, a.k.a. "Street Metal", a.k.a. roughened-up Sleaze. Bad vocals.
4. WHITEFIRE - And The Sound Will Be The Same
  Some parts fluffy/proggy aor, some parts riff-HR, not too interesting as a whole.
5. STAGE - Living On The Streets
  70's Van Halen meets early NWOBHM, occationally very similar to Diamond Head's "The Prince".

Side B:
1. TIME ESCAPE - Waiting For The Change
  Melodic hardrockprog. The prog parts and silly keys are kinda funny and makes them slightly better than unlistenable.
2. NAMELESS - Born To Win
  Melodic hr/aor. +1 for a somber tone, -1 for lame vocals.
3. SYNTHESIS - Asylum
  Productionwise to soft to be called Speed, more like fast Power Metal falling somewhere between Adramelch and later Helloween.
4. SKULL - Gotta Find The Way
  Haunting Epic Doom Metal Might! Go Italia!
5. VIS - Rocker Batti Il Tuo Pugno
  A really sweet closer with some classic Hard Rock. Good riffing & vox.
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