No Substitute For Steel LP 1985
Label: T.A.S.S. #: TR-777 Country: USA
Info: Compilation of all San Diego, CA metal bands.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ASSASSIN - Treason
  Great song that combines the main riff of SAVAGE's We Got the Right with DOKKEN-like vocals.
2. CHALACE - Under The Attack
  Upbeat early US metal.
3. PROWLER - From Out Of The Dark
  Great power metal with deep vocals like a slower QUEENSRYCHE with a touch of IRON MAIDEN.
4. RAGGED LACE - Backs Against The Wall
  Sleazy but good metal. Can't tell if the singer is a man or a woman.
5. ZZYZX & LORAH BODIE - Lonely Little Eyes
  Dark melodic hard rock like a softer CRIMSON GLORY ballad with great female vocals. Singer Lorah Bodie was replaced by Windy Wagner on both their albums.

Side B:
1. RAVEN MAD - Search For Signs
  Reminds me of a primitive ZAXAS, which is pretty awesome in my book.
2. JACKAL - Hidden In Gold
  Sloppy US metal with screechy vocals and guitars.
3. BIBLE BLACK - Bible Black
  Best known as Joey Belladonna's first band, this was recorded after he left. OMEN-like power metal.
4. SNAKEBYTE - Knife In The Back
  A bit more subdued, this has a NWOBHM feel to it. Good, but I could do without the screachy vocals.
5. AMERICAN STEEL - Everchanging Mind
  Dull ballad, though the cheesy keyboards are amusing.
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