Northern Lights LP 1979
Label: GIP #: 55.008 Country: Netherlands
Info: Compilation of Dutch artists recorded in Flowertree Studio.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. FANDANGO - Judy And The Blues
2. X-RACE - Free Rider
  Biker rock.
3. TICKLE - Playin' Old Harry
4. FRANKENSTEIN - I Sold My Soul
  This early version of the Metal Clogs track has a rough proto-NWOBHM sound to it.
5. NAME - Goin' On With This Band
  Tongue-in-cheek disco.
6. PEARL ASH - Try To Keep Allright
  Progressive funk.

Side B:
1. SO WHAT - I Really Love Livy
  Warbly voiced powerpop/punk.
2. NURSE - Oh, Anita Wo Bist Du
  Retro 60s pop.
3. DEUCE - Gonna Have A Feeling
4. LITTLE MO - Love On The Rocks
  Soft rock.
5. BLACK LAKE - Could It Be Tonight
  Retro 60s pop/rock.
6. STRAY CAT - Restrain Me
  Mainstream rock.
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