Northcoast Steel LP 1988
Label: private #: - Country: USA
Info: The sleeve gives no info whatsoever about who were behind this sampler other than a contact address to "Northcoast Steel" in Willoughby, Ohio.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. FRAGILE - Baby Jane
  No surprises here, it's commercial Dokken-metal all the way.
2. PRETTY VACANT - Sunset Blvd.
  Whining, nasal 'sleaze-vocals' to a pretty upbeat, raw version of the genre. Poison they were not, thank doG..
3. BATTERY - Mercury
  Thoroughbread US Power Metal but lacking in the writing-interesting-songs-dept. Armored Saint anyone?
4. SAVAGE - Here's Looking At You
  Dead-simple, mid-pace Metalrock = Very boring.
5. ROUGH HONOR - We Got The Right To Rock
  Another very pedestrian hardrocker only marginally more interesting than Savage.

Side B:
  Flashy American Metal fare. More whining vocals, but otherwise fottappingly decent.
  Despite (or thanx to) the demo-like production these guys stand out w/ quite a powerful and original tune. Reminds me of long forgotten Metal Blade-nosellers Juggernaut.
3. CENTURION - Peacefully
  A bit heavier than their "Cross And Black" LP from a year before and as original and enticing as ever. Superb stuff.
4. ABSOLUTE ZERO - Hard Sell
  What the eff..!? I kid you not, this is the impossible mutant hybrid of Sieges Even and Medieval - total start/stop-progmetal weirdness in a beer-drenched flanell shirt. Spectral Incursion-fans take note.
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