North American Thrash Assault LP 1989
Label: Black Box Records #: BOXLP1 Country: UK
Info: A British release compiling mostly demo tracks of 5 US Thrash bands. The TYNATOR and (THE) HORDE OF TORMENT demos from which these tracks were taken were also released in full on vinyl by CCG Underground Records the same year and the HARTER ATTACK material sounds identical to the LP versions..

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HORDE OF TORMENT - Product Of A Sick Mind
  Classic aggro underground act often compared to Kreator back in the days, but there's something unmistakedly American about them vokills.
2. HARTER ATTACK - Last Temptation
  The vocals are a bit more frantic and the guitars are noisier, but this side-project of Glenn Evan's is basically Nuclear Assault part II (or III if you count C.I.A.) That can't be too bad a thing I guess.
3. TYNATOR - Seeds Of Descent
  Smart, original twin-guitar prog-Thrash that's very listenable despite its many twists and turns.
  Fast, almost Death Metal crossover-Thrash starting off very Repulsion-sounding, then takes some USHC-style breaks before going back to Repulsion again.
5. COLDSTEEL - Crackdown
  The most generic of the featured acts, but as far as generic Thrash goes this Death Angel-style piece is fairly solid.

Side B:
1. HORDE OF TORMENT - As I Lay Dying
  My fave THOT-track is this gorey, mid-pace facepuncher.
2. HARTER ATTACK - Culture Decay
  With those vocals and chorus this one sounds very much like a thrashier Discharge.
3. TYNATOR - No Life
  More start/stop Thrash not quite as original as the A-side number.
4. DECREPIT UTH - Wrapped In Shame
  This sounded so similar to their A-side offering I had to turn over the disc and double-check if they'd included the same song twice by mistake. As it turns out - they did (!)
Atm I'm not sure which one of the 2 titles is the correct one.
5. COLDSTEEL - Scarred For Life
  Pretty perfect if Traditional 80's US Thrash is your favourite food, sounding more like Forbidden on this the better of their 2 featured songs.
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