No Glam Fags Comp.#2 MC 1992
Label: Barbwire Productions #: N/A Country: USA
Info: Homemade tape compilation by the fanzine No Glam Fags which later became Ill Literature. Appears to have been released in early 1992.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. Intro…
  Actually just a clip from "No Glam Fags" by MX MACHINE.
2. EPIDEMIC - Hate
  Aggressive death/thrash with a strong SLAYER influence (demo version).
  Early 7" track from the famous Boston hardcore band.
4. THE HORDE OF TORMENT - Alive Within
  Sounds like an East Coast version of FORBIDDEN, though like many of the bands here they are actually from Los Angeles.
5. RUINED - No Love
  Groovy thrash metal with quite a bit of crossover, particularly in Bill Crooks' vocals.
6. EXTREMA - Join Hands
  I would never have guessed this band was from Italy given their crossover sound and funky bass. Taken from their 1991 demo, this song later appeared on their 1993 CD Tension At The Seams.
7. DIE THEORY - Not Of The Body
  The combination of thrash riffs, noodly guitars, and screaming proto-death vocals is interesting but ultimately unsatisfying.
8. KAOS - Open Your Past
  Bay area thrash metal with similarities to DEATH ANGEL. Lots of riffs, but none of them seem to stick.

Side B:
1. PENANCE - Crosses We Bear
  Stoner metal with cowbell from the post-DREAM DEATH band. Reappeared 2 years later on Parallel Corners as "Crosses".
2. SLAMBODIANS - Never Better Than Late
  SCATTERBRAIN style alterna-metal.
3. ARMOURED ANGEL - Castration
  Fast paced death/thrash from Australia with riffs galore.
4. ATOMICAUST - From Shallows To Fathoms
  An old favorite of mine from the north-of-Boston thrash scene. Moving in a more progressive direction (by the time of this release they had already changed their name to NERVE WOMB), this song has some great parts but overall tries to do too much.
5. AREA 51 - Abduction
  MISFITS inspired thrash metal from Las Vegas, NV.
6. THE GUFF - Cringe
  Live-in-the-studio recording of some crappy crossover thrash.
7. SUBJUGATOR - Perpetual Decline
  Tight Boston thrash metal with hardcore leanings. Taken from a demo which was also released as a 7" EP in 1992.
8. STYGIAN - Behind Death's Door
  Demo version of a great thrash metal track which sounds like a cross between BLOOD FEAST and, not surprisingly, Gary Golwitzer's previous band WRATH.
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