Nightpieces LP 1990
Label: Dracma Metalrecords #: DLP 001 Country: Italy
Info: A little bit of everything from the obscure Dracma label. Doesn't quite live up to the fantastic cover art.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. BROKEN GLASS - Mindless Transparency
  Lightweight Techno-Thrash a la Megadeth that could almost have been good with better vocals. Seems to be 2 minutes shorter than the LP version so it should be different from that one.
2. VOODOO - Rock The Beat
  Rough'n'Ready, Heavy Hard Rock maybe wanting to be Motörhead but sounds more like Rogue Male or Peer Günt.
3. CRYSTAL LAKE - Jeezuz On The Air
  Rather original Power Metal w/ a vocalist sounding like a mix of Billy Idol and that guy from Sisters Of Mercy. Works surprisingly fine.
4. SLASH - Lethargik Infection
  Sleazy Techno-Thrash?!? Weird in the worst kind of way.

Side B:
1. NIGHTFLYGHT - Gremlins
  Now for the good kind of weird! Superb Italian Steel w/ strange guitars and off-the-wall songstructures.
2. BRAINDAMAGE - Collecting Crumbs
  Fast, energetic Thrash a la Death Angel. Pretty generic despite the odd quirky break.
3. CHURCH OF VIOLENCE - Occhi Chiusi
  See Voodoo. Here w/ Italian vocals.
4. RED FIRE - My Friend
  Pretty cool vocal harmonies carrying an otherwise pedestrian HM/Hardrocker.
5. O.I.D. - There's No Day
  Starts like Anthrax, then sounds a bit like Cryptic Slaughter and then like Anthrax again. -1+1=0.
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