The New New England Debut Volume II MC 1988
Label: Axis Records #: Country: USA
Info: The second volume in this series of up-and-coming New England bands seems to be split between metal and alternative, but unfortunately the metal side really falls short. A third volume was released on CD in 1990 and appears to move even further away from metal.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. R.A.R.E. - Rock & Roll Is A Man
  Worthless old time rock and roll.
2. CRYSTAL INVASION - Plug Me Into The Wall
  Decent commercial hard rock in the vein of AUTOGRAPH.
3. IRON RAGE - Broken Promise
  The once cool underground metal band IRON RAGE takes a sharp turn toward hard rock in the vein of AC/DC or early TWISTED SISTER.
4. IRON RAGE - Tearin' Me Apart
  Shortly after this release IRON RAGE would change their name to the more fitting RAT ALLEY.
5. HIGH RISK - Hell Raiser
  By-the-numbers metal with a singer who sounds like a cross between Ron Keel and a drunken Joe Elliot.

Side B:
1. ROBIN FARREN - Love Will Tear Us Apart
  JOY DIVISION cover which takes away everything that made the original interesting.
2. THE DIALS - I Want Love To Hit Me (Not Hurt Me This Time)
3. NAKED ANGEL - Rebel In The Sky
  The singer reminds me of Deborah Webster (SATANIC RITES) but musically this is more of an indie/goth rock thing.
4. SPOOKY BLUE - Stand Your Ground
  Upbeat alt rock.
5. PUPPET MASTERS - No One's Listening
  Gothic rock lite.
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