The New New England Debut Volume I MC 1987
Label: Axis Records #: Country: USA
Info: Cassette-only compilation of New England artists from Nashua, NH based Axis Records. This volume focuses mostly on metal artists.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. AFTERMATH - No Cure
  Great catchy US metal with rough vocals.
2. CLOSE RANGE - I'm Still Standing
  Good melodic metal that unfortunately relies too much on keyboards and has an overly poppy chorus.
3. FANTASIA - It Won't Be Long
  Hard rock ballad.
4. STARFYRE - Where's The Flame?
  Normally when the man behind the compilation is in a band it's clear that's the only way they made the cut. In this case, however, they are the best band of the comp playing excellent fast-paced metal with good vocals.
5. HIGH RISK - Final Stand
  The falsetto vocals seem a bit off, but it's got a really nice mid-paced galloping riff. Overall much better than their track on Volume II.

Side B:
1. SEPTEMBER REIGN - Broken Children
  Hard alternative rock.
2. AFTERMATH - Sweet 16
  Bluesy sleaze rock which hardly seems like the same band that did "No Cure". By 1989 the band had switched more to this style and changed their name to WITCH BONNIE.
3. REVENGE - Your Place Or Mine
  Gritty party rock.
4. FORTE' - Heart Like A Rock
  I'm sure under all those keyboards is a decent hair metal anthem waiting to get out. Maybe.
5. HEARKEN - Professions Of Violence
  Awful thrash punctuated by high pitched screaming and nonsensical riffs.
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