Neo Hard Shock LP 1985
Label: Rock House Exlplosion Records #: EXP-NH-281 Country: Japan
Info: A more Hard Rock oriented off-shot from the "Heavy Metal Force" compilation series of the same label.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. REDEEMER - Redeemer
  Melodic, semi-epic Hard Rock/Power Metal w/ fem vox and some delicious harmonies.
2. REDEEMER - Blizzard
  Meaty, J Priesty Metalrock w/ a Scandinavian flavour. Nothing too original.
3. ORPHEUS - Restless Lovers
  Trifle HR somewhat elevated by over par guitarwork.
4. JOKER - Magic
  Musically excellent, upbeat 'Power Hard Rock' spoiled by constipated & out-of-tune vocals.
5. RUBENS - Generation
  More vocal constipation - now to the soundtrack of awful, uncatchy radio-HR/Sleeze 'Metal'.

Side B:
1. ROZA - Asphalt
  Agreeably original yet dull HR with lame aor-breaks and yet another useless vocalist.
2. FLASH - Everynight Fallin Night
  Hard Rock sounding both heavy and mellow at the same time. Japanese Van-Halen-Metal?
3. FLASH - Yamadera
  Stale and weird, or maybe just 'exotic'?
4. COBRA - Kemonotachi No Yoru
  Funny guitartone sounding more like pop than rock, but still a pretty cool & original HR/HM tune and far from the wimpiest/worst on the album.
5. COBRA - Nice Girl
  More subtle weirdness here, but still likeable HR.
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