Nationale Rockmeeting LP 1982
Label: Pyramid #: P.82.08.3 L Country: Belgium
Info: Contenders of a national rock competition, I believe. Gatefold sleeve.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TUXEDO'S - Strangers Passing By
  Classic rock.
2. PARADE GROUND - I Shut My Eyes
  Instrumental goth/new wave.
3. SPROUTS U.T.D. - I Know
  Funky/jazzy rock.
4. THE PERRO - Nice Guys
  80's pop-rock a la The Police.

Side B:
1. COGNAC - Rhino
  Surprisingly solid, Heavy Hard Rock compared to your average Belgian HR/HM 7" from around this time, which were mostly awful. I can't help thinking this might be a heavier tune from a more lightweight band though. If someone has heard their contributions to the "Lof 1981-1982" and "Colour Chart vol 2" comps, do let me know. Features Jack Franken and Marc Vinckier, later in DOUBLE DIAMOND.
2. THE REJECTS - Nowhere To Go
  Garage rock.
3. ZO WIE ZO - In M'n Kamer
  Somewhat peculiar pop-rock.
4. COSTA-BRAVAS - The Beauty And The Beast
  Instrumental jazz rock.
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